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Ontario Wrestling League

What you get when you join OWL

Every cent from wrestler registration fees will be used to help grow the wrestling community in Ontario.

Weekly Dual Meets

The heart of the league is, of course, wrestling dual meets. Duals begin in October. The more teams we have, the more duals your team will be able to compete in! Encourage other clubs in your area to participate so we can create a robust competition schedule.

As the season progresses, we’ll be updating standings and rankings while also posting highlights of our duals. Your team will have its own page with upcoming duals, its roster, and more.

The OWL Clinic Fund

$35 from each wrestler registration goes into a clinic fund. The more teams and wrestlers we have, the more clinics we’ll be able to fund for clubs across the province. We’ve already reached out to numerous elite wrestlers across Canada and the United States who have agreed to hold clinics here in Ontario!

All-Ontario Team

$35 from each wrestler registration goes into high performance programming. One exciting aspect of this programming will be our All-Ontario Team, a team composed of the top ranked wrestlers in the league. The team will have the opportunity to travel to other areas in Canada and the US to train and compete, and we’ll use $35 from each registration to help fund these opportunities.

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