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Frequently Asked Questions

How do entry fees work?

One of our priorities in creating the dual league is ensuring that clubs benefit from participating. For this reason, everything brought in for a dual stays with the host club. This includes:

  • Entry Fees
  • Ticket Sales (both in person and streaming)
  • Concessions

How are duals organized? Do we have to make the match-ups?

Our goal is to handle as much of the logistics as possible so you can focus on the wrestling. Once your wrestlers are registered and you have a dual scheduled, we’ll get both coaches to submit their team lists. We’ll create the match list and order, including back-ups for each match if possible. It’s simple, quick, and flexible.

Can I watch duals without being there in person?

Yes, we’re hoping to have a live streaming solution so wrestling fans across the province can tune in and watch dual meets from their homes. Stay tuned for more details!

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